Friends say that photography is the only activity guaranteed to keep me in one place for more than a minute at a time. I must admit I am uncharacteristically patient while waiting for the light to be right, or the breeze to die down, or the person or animal to adopt a more satisfactory position.

I have accumulated several online galleries over the years, and it is probably overly optimistic to think that I will ever combine them, so please choose from the following links, depending on your interest or level of curiosity:

Photojournals - separate sites of annotated photographs detailing my travels in Iran (2007), the United Kingdom (2009 and 2011), and Greece and Bulgaria (2010). Links are also in the menu at the top, and on the previous page. 

Former site - Nature photographs from Western Australia, travel photos from Central Australia, and a large collection devoted to Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs I have owned and bred over the years. No longer updated.

Supplementary album - A small album on a free site. Never updated, and only for the truly bored.