In June and July of 2009 I spent 4 weeks in the UK, using public transport and foot as much as possible. Although lucky enough to visit many times before, I have always travelled around by car, so this was a new experience, and it opened up a different side of the country to me. 

As well as the expected delights of nature and ancient monuments (my two special interests), there were numerous chance encounters with local residents. So in addition to photographs from North and South, I would like to share some of my favourite brief conversations

The first week of my holiday was a hiking tour, and as group travel is something I have done only once before (a 2007 tour of Iran) I was fascinated by the complications and difficulties it involved.

The rest of my trip involved many hours of solitary travel, during which I jotted down various “likes and dislikes” about life in the UK. The former outweigh the latter, I am glad to say, which is why I am already dreaming about my next visit.

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